• Solid Surfaces is a homogenous, non-porous material which consists of a mixture of natural minerals and acrylic resins. It ideally combines practicality with endurance and elegance, while offering absolute freedom in designing the kitchen and the bathroom according to your personal preferences.
  • The utter lack of pores of the Solid Surfaces material, ensures optimum hygiene and antibacterial protections, as it does not allow neither to dirt nor to the remains from food preparation to penetrate into the material and create bacteria hotspots.
  • Solid Surfaces is a perfectly safe material, certified by the International Independent Organization NSF for its use in places where food is being prepared.
  • The Solid Surfaces material is easily thermoformed according to the contemporary standard applications of architecture and design without any visible joints.
  • The colours and patterns of the surfaces infiltrate the whole material to its core. That is why it remain unaffected by UV radiation, while maintaining its colour and finish unspoiled for many years.
  • The Solid Surfaces material is highly resistant to stains, as its non-porous synthesis does not allow to colourants to penetrate and deform the material.
  • The material is durable to frequent use, while at the same time it is easy to clean. Also, if needed, it can be easily repaired, in order to regain its initial beauty.
  • The Solid Surfaces material meets, among others, the standards of the certifications mentioned below: ISO 9001 / 14001, Greenguard by AQS, SGS by ANSI and & NEMA.