Create an environment that matches your needs and suits your lifestyle by bringing together all visible elements on the kitchen cabinets (sink, faucet, hoods, built-in appliances and worktop) into a system with matching aesthetics and design.



Your bathroom should mirror your personality; should be the place where you calm down and reinvigorate. Franke Surfaces can definitely make your bathroom the most intimate part of the house, a place to surround yourself with colors and textures that wake up your senses.



Our Quartz surfaces are designed to meet the widest possible range of applications: even cladding and paving. Due to their resistance, environmental factors and almost zero water absorption rate, both materials will keep their vibrant color, even when the surface is exposed to extreme weather conditions, perfectly complementing the local surroundings.




  • KITCHEN Counter-tops, pavements, coverings, fittings
  • BATHROOM Sink and tops, pavements, wall covering, shower, bathtub
  • LIVING AREA Furniture, tables, lamps or design objects
  • STAIRCASE AND CONNECTION Covering and flooring


  • RESTAURANT AND TAVERN Professional and open-style kitchen, bathrooms, wall covering, flooring and furniture
  • BAR AND CLUB Counter and facilities, tables, bathrooms, wall covering, flooring and furniture
  • SHOPS AND STORES Counter, tables, shelves, bathrooms, wall covering and flooring
  • OFFICES Flooring, furniture, wall covering, tables, shelves and bathrooms
  • HOTEL Hall, tables, bathrooms, furniture, covering and flooring


  • Theater, concert hall, cinema, library, school, university, town hall, municipal–building, rail and bus station, metropolitan, airport, business district, shopping center, hospitals